Campus Life

Campus Life:

You will have fun with your classmates and the community through many seasonal events, such as cherry blossom viewing and class match in spring, camping and summer festival in summer, and the school festival in fall.


We have dormitories on our campus and near the campus.

(The fee is different for each dormitory.)

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  • Dormitory

Messages from Students

At Kamimura Gakuen we focus on overall humane studies. Here we not only study technical subjects, but the importance of human interaction and interpersonal relationships as well. I feel this is done so that when we enter the workforce we are better prepared to handle the problems we may face. Kamimura Gakuen also has a number of festivals and events to be enjoyed, so please join us in a celebration of our youth. I hope that you will be able to become fully immersed in Japanese culture and language during your school and daily living experiences here.

(Occupational therapy Second-year)
Kouki Orihashi

I have thoroughly enjoyed my school life thus far at Kamimura Gakuen High School and Vocational College. Our student body ranges from kindergarten to vocational college students, to make for a diverse and productive learning environment. At Kamimura Gakuen High School and Vocational College we have various school events every season, which I'm sure you will enjoy. I really look forward to seeing you all in our new Japanese Studies department.

(Child care Second-year)
Tsubasa Yamashita


Kagoshima Travel Guide

Kagoshima prefecture is located in southwestern Kyushu. Kamimura Gakuen is in Ichiki-Kushikino city by the East China Sea. Our city is rich in nature, and surrounded by beautiful sea and mountains. Ichikikushikino is famous for delicious local produce, and fresh seafood.Kamimura Gakuen’s campus is a stop on the JR Kyushu rail line, so it is very easy to get here.

  • Local Festival
  • Horse Race on Beach
  • Flied Fish Hamburger
  • Tuna Ramen Noodle