Kamimura Characteristics:

Kamimura Gakuen has kindergarten, elementary, Junior, and senior high schools on the same campus. You can make friends with many different people in an environment that encourages learning. Additionally, there are many club activities for Junior and senior high students. Soccer, baseball, and brass band clubs have the chance to compete in the All Japan Championships.

We are proud of our spacious campus, modern facilities and excellent teachers.

EJU and JLPT Test

We provide effective training to help students pass the examinations quickly. For the JLPT, we provide extra lessons of science, mathematics, and "Japan and the World". Our high school math and science teachers are eager to support you.

Experience Learning

You can master Japanese better by experiencing Japanese culture and going on field trips to study history.

  • local festival
  • dressing of Kimono
  • Kendo

Continuing studies at Kamimura

Medicine and childcare are two important fields for the future of society. The students who are making great efforts to reach their goals are shining stars. Japanese language course students who wish to continue studying at Kamimura Gakuen do not need to pay examination fees, and those who pass their entrance exams do not pay an entrance fee.